Beautiful Rooms

A very welcoming living room
Thought I would include a little nook from our guest room, seeing a few people wanted to see it.
Black+Spiro Display
Yay!!! We (Cab and I ) had a meeting with the owner of the Building where we want the shops to be. He took us on a Little tour of the whole place and we were both so excited I just wanted to do a little dance! My shop (I have called it this for about 5 years now), is so much better than I first thought, with a little store room out the back and a great display window. I just can’t wait to get my hands on it….I’m so happy. Now the work really begins. Cab’s Cafe is huge, with a massive Kitchen, alfresco dining area and a lovely indoor dining area as well. So we are now jumping out of our skins and have to go and sketch and plan our colour boards, shop layout etc.
This is the reason I included this shop display from Black+Spiro in Brisbane, Aust.
Hope all is well…
Ness xx 🙂



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