I Desire….

This beautiful chair and footstool would be lovely as I am not well and feeling a little burnt out..
How divine is this bed head? I can imagine this in a Cape Cod style house overlooking the sea.
A stunning entry piece to store THOSE shoes, of course in white and rattan..
a gorgeous bed for our beautiful Border Collies…
and a Cape Cod dolls house, not that I have a Girl, I just always wanted a beautiful dolls house like this for Barbie. Hope everyone is well. xx



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  • Ness, if you weren’t feeling poorly, I’d fight you for that stunning chaise lounge! Take care of yourself.
    Millie ^_^

  • Love all the things you have found. Hope you are feeling better soon. Rug up!

  • Thanks so much. I have the flu and a wisdom tooth growing the wrong way, but other than that I feel a bit better today…Thanks xx


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