Idyllic Days

Beautiful Bunting…no party should do without it (Ithink).

I have been chatting to a family member about getting Married (it’s OK I won’t tell S!), and it got me thinking about how I would go about it now 10 years after our own soiree. All of these photos are by a beautiful party/wedding plan team, Idyllic Days.
The team uses vintage tea cups, candle sticks, buckets…basically whatever they find that is vintage and beautiful to make stunning displays.
This is from a London Wedding they have done, full of glamour and sparkle, with glass candlesticks and vases…and lots of roses.
I love this shot with the bunting in the back, mismatched tea cups and saucers and blooms that you would find in Grannies garden, all displayed on crisp white linen, in a big white tent…divine.
This bucket of Hydrangeas is from another wedding of theirs which was a country affair. I could imagine these at the entrance to the altar in a field of Daisies with black and white cows in the distance. Hurry up S, so I can help!!!
Ness xx
photos- idyllic days, Mayne and Holloway



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  • The table settings i wow, amazing!
    So full of life and inspiration:-)

    Hugs from Gunilla in Singapore

  • hi There! I am so glad you like it. I am so happy you stopped by. Take care, Ness xx


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