Northern Light

This stunning Home is featured in Skona Hem. I am so jealous of the beautiful light that they get up there to bounce all around there gorgeous white homes…oh well.

Each nook and crannie of this home is a stylists dream. I am loving the bleached floor. I can’t tell you much more about this home as I can’t read the site…I just go by the beautiful pictures!

What an outdoor room. This is what I need to do to mine. I am scared a Wisteria vine wouldn’t hold on our roof though, maybe I can get Jasmine. Ness xx

all pics courtesy of Skona Hem



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  • Love the outdoor area the most Ness – I reckon I could stay there all day & not move a muscle!
    Millie ^_^

  • Love the outdoor room especially – looks so cozy in there. Just discovering your site – lots of great stuff – I’ll be back!

  • Thanks for stopping by Marie-Louise. I have just been to your blog and it is lovely.

  • okay, i need that outdoor room! it’s so cozy and quaint and looks like a great place to escape to and relax 🙂


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