Boudoir Beauty

image – Coastal Homes
Even though I am a total ‘Francophile’, I buy what I love and find homes for these pieces as I go. I do stick to a white/neutral theme, like this room. The whole beaded white walls, white linen etc sings to me. And there is my beloved glass lamp base! I have a mantel clock like this one in black, which looks great beside the bed. Don’t the Botanic prints look lovely?

image – Marie Claire via Laurel Hedge

I love this room. The Chair, the Urns, old prints, white linen…again!

image – BH&G

More white linen…and I do love a ruffle here and there. This room is a nod to Spring with hints of yellow here and there, bed skirt, Roses, mat, table…lovely.

image – Notebook

I adore this cane/rattan trunk, and have one just like it, which is the toy box at the moment…maybe I will rescue it and use it as my side table. Oh, and my beloved white floors, easy to clean and look great. Have a lovely day…it’s freezing here. Ness xx



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  • I love the lamp on the trunk – would love to get my hands on one like that.

    We’re planning to paint our kitchen floors white this spring – can’t wait. Did you say you used pavement paint? Is that easy to apply and maintain?

  • We used Cabots timber decking paint and had it mixed to Chalk White USA. I find it SO easy to keep clean…you hardly have to mop it. Our polished Tassie Oak boards are way more work. All we done was gave them a good mop, pulled out all the staples from the carpet, filled the gaps with good ‘ol No More Gaps in white and rolled on two coats. It took only a day and overnight to let it dry properly, then we moved all the furniture back in. I will take a photo of them and post it as I have had a few emails about this. Stay tuned…Ness xx

  • Those black and white engravings are hung beautifully – love the composition, makes me want to rethink everything!

  • The last picture looks like the bed is very close to the ground. I think this can look amazing when done right! I have always wanted to do this, but I think I wouldn’t be able to pull it off!! I am sure people would think I have lost my marbles… but I just loev the look!!!


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