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image – Madison via Lily-G

image -Somethings Gotta Give
I SO need a holiday, or a little rest. This Courtyard would be perfect. All of the elements in this photo would lovely in my yard – an old iron clock, terracotta and standard tree (I would have an Olive), marble and iron table and the beautiful biscuit colour on the walls…Or, I could just lie around the pool here on the perfect Steamer Chair with drink in hand…Bliss!
PS- Thank you to all who either left a comment or sent me an email about my troubles yesterday. As yet, it is still an issue but I have looked at all the positives to keep my going. It is nice to know so many of you care about my little Shoppe…Ta!
Happy Wednesday, Ness xx



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  • I know what you mean about a holiday – I could dive into that pool right now!

    I hope things work out with your lease – I’m planning my northern shopping safari when you open! First stop Winton Cottage…

  • Oh my goodness Ness, I have just spent a good hour stalking your blog!!! It is STUNNING!!! I can see what Judy was talking about now, she is a big fan! Thank you so much for the beautiful comment you left me!! It made my day 🙂 Your blog is so beautiful…every image I looked at I just went wow wow wow I love that!! Love Kate x

  • I think you deserve a holiday Ness. Hold your head up mate, everything will work out fine. x

  • Hey Ness, i am sure it will work out in the end – i can imagine the stress levels would be huge but you are following your dreams and thats what really matters in the end. I just love your pool photo..i am going to have to watch that movie again soon. I recently set up 4 pool lounges in a row like that…the umbrellas are packed away with winter (+ reality they are going mouldy!!) but i bought 4 x coffee/white striped towels to go on them. I will post a photo once i set it all up..i am actually excited thinking about. Doesnt take much does it! Anyway hope your day is going better today and you get good news soon, Mel xxx

  • Thanks Ladies, and thanks for stopping by Kate, I am glad you did. Michelle- I will expect to see you there bright and early!! Actually I would love to meet all my blogging friends, maybe I will have a ‘Blogger Sale’. Mel – I can’t wait to see your Pool area. I will be a beautiful retreat…I know. xx

  • Amanda, I do need a holiday, maybe I will come up your way for a week!

  • How are things coming along with your shop? Any developments? I am praying for ya!

  • Not as yet Katrina…but I will keep you all posted. Ness xx


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