Stripes and Linen….

How simply stunning is a white pitcher and linen tea towel.
This is what usually happens to a linen and red stripe tea towel I buy…it never touches a dish! And the bag is a great idea for your summer gear.

French grey and white bedding…an absolutely beautiful favourite of mine.

Not to forget the French Bee on ladder stitched crisp white linen…gorgeous! We are looking at stocking these at Marley & Lockyer, stay tuned.

Ness xx



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  • You’re such a stylish chic!

  • Why thank you Michelle. xx

  • Hi Ness,
    I sell Ivory house too, but just a tip the all white bedspread sells the best I cant keep up with them.Cant wait to catch up on your blog and see what i’ve missed x

  • Thanks for the advice Judy. I have been meaning to send you an email with some questions if you don’t mind. Ness xx

  • I have a print very similar to this as my living room curtains in peach. Look forward to seeing it in your store.


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