6 Things I Value…and some awards!

The lovely Judith over at Paris Atelier blog has just given me this award. She has asked me to pass it on to 6 other blogs…they are rules…
1. You have to mention where you got it and tell them you have posted it
2. List 6 things you value
3. Pass it on to 6 other blogs…
My 6 values are,
Our sweet little men, the light of our lives. My Family (including my MIL and FIL) with whom I wouldn’t be grounded and I would have no values.
Our Home. I used to draw this same shape house as a child and always wanted one…now we do.

…my talent to create. It is something I was never taught..I have just always been able to do it. I was always shy about it, until I hit 30. Then I realised what a fool I was.

Our 2 ever faith full Border Collies…love them

Grand Architecture. via French Essence

and finally Tasmania…what a fabulous place to live.
I will pass this on to…
Judy at Lily G, because her site is beautiful and her shop is on my to do list.
Brooke at Velvet & Linen, as I am really enjoying her new blog and her emails, and she is a fantastic Designer.
Shannon at Shannon Fricke, a great Stylist with a stylish blog.
Mel at Mels Rose Place, because she is so lovely and her house should be in a magazine.
Anne at Annechovie, her prints are so unique and lovely.
Cathy at Simple Things, Small Joys. Because her little charms and her house are delightful.
I could have picked more, but I think most of you have got it now.
I also received a ‘I love your Blog award off Viera at VT Interiors, but for some unknown reason I can’t get her site up to save the award…but thank you Viera. Have a great day, Ness xx



Comments (7)

  • Lovely sentiments and beautiful images Ness xv

  • Thanks so much for the award, that is so very sweet of you…Luv C xx

  • Such a lovely thing to do – thanks for the kind words and award Nessy. I do so enjoy your blog! Lovely words you wrote there and your artwork – stunning. Mel xxx

  • This is such a lovely post Ness – straight from the heart. I’m sure you are valued so much by your family & friends. You are such a giver, don’t ever change.
    Millie ^_^

  • Oh Ness, your values are so beautiful, and
    your artwork is exquisite.
    As always, thank you for your lovely words.
    Your sentiments touched my heart.


  • Thats ok Ladies, you all deserve so much more…and thanks for your comments.
    Ness xx

  • Beautiful post and blog! I am so happy to hear you have embrassed your talent and gifting! It is phenominal!


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