Indoors or Outdoors?

This home I have in my file is in the NSW Southern Highlands. The whole house is stunning, but I wanted to show you this outdoor area, which I love. The huge Mirror over the table is just perfect for this space…I could spend hours here.
The indoors is just as divine. I love the doors, which are like my own and all of the little pieces that give this place a such a beautiful feel to it like the antique French dining chairs, urns and that lovely Chandelier. I don’t quite know which is my favourite..I’m torn. Ness xx
image -Country Home Ideas



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  • I love the indoor photo with the beams and the mix of dark and white
    It has afeel of timeless relaxing elegance, and the doors are lovely lucky you Ness!

  • Love the french doors. I want to install some in my own home – get rid of the daggy old sliding door.

  • Isnt that just so stylish? I think i will have to stop visiting your blog (joking) as it is making me too discontent (spelling?) with my home!!! Every time i see these gorgeous piccies i oooh and ahh and want it ALL!! Mel xxx

  • Me too Mel! lol. Every time I see a new interior I want to post, I think “maybe we can do this….”, it is getting a bit much. I have 5 journals of ideas already!!

    I do love our French doors that look like this for inside, but I really want the smaller ones I have talked about before for the outside.
    Ness xx

  • Isn’t it wonderful that you can dine outside elegantly as you can inside… love dining rooms al fresco and formally indoors!
    LOVELY most!
    ENJOY your weekend!


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