New at M&L…

Here are some new History Tiles I have added to my Etsy Shoppe. This one is called ‘Heart Script’, and is 12cm x 14cm (as are the others here). I am so happy my little Camera done such a lovely job on the Photos.
This tile called ‘Pear Script’ has had a lot more views than I thought it would get, but there you go. I will be making a collection of these with other letters and fruits.
This is ‘Quill Script’, and another success with my little Camera I think. I can do custom and Wholesale orders. If you see something in the Tile collection that is sold, although they are one offs (being Handmade and all) I can make something very similar, but it will never be an exact….I like that though.
You can have a look at the rest here (there will be more soon).
Hope you like them, Ness xx



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  • Ness, Wow! These are so beautiful! And unique! Love the green in the pear. tata

    ~Miss Kris~

  • Thanks Miss Kris,
    I have really enjoyed doing them, and seeing that I make it as I go I never thought they would turn out as good…i’m happy.
    Ness xx


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