Office Style….

Baileys Home and Garden stocks all sorts of recycled pieces that are beautiful and simple. I would love some of the following for my office space.
We actually have a trunk the same as the 3rd one down, which belonged to my Husbands Grandfather…very vintage. I am going to recycle it to accommodate all my files.

This twine holder would look great with my big spool of Linen twine on it. I love the fact that there is somewhere to store your scissors.

I always get cold legs when I am drawing/creating and a Welsh Wool Blanket like this in a natural colour would be perfect…hint hint Mic!

…and definitely one of these black French desk lamps and wire ‘in/out’ tray…better than those thick cardboard jobs. The desk they are on looks fabulous. I would love to see the rest.

I have a little day bed in the office that I use to photograph our handmade cushions etc on, and these ticking stripe ones would look great. I might have to make some now. I would make one that goes the length of the bed though and stuff it with feathers…bliss.

I hope you are all well, Ness xx

PS- Thanks to Emma for putting me on to Bailey’s.



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  • Hi Ness~
    What a great find! I Love those ticking striped pillows!

    I just noticed your lovely sketch of you and your hubby. It’s great! Faces are so hard, I commend you! Great Job!!! ta ta

  • Ness , love all your pictures. The vintage suitcases are great and ..lamps…ticking stripes..

  • Thanks Miss Kris. I love drawing people…just not myself. I find it really challenging. I will be posting some more of my work soon. Stay tuned, Ness xx

  • Did you know the Baileys have a book called recycled home? It is by mark and sally bailey, published by ryland peters & small.
    It is stunning. I have had mine for about a year so it should be easy to buy.It is packed with great ideas.I’ll put a photo on my blog of the book.

  • LOVE those old suitcase!

  • Oh yes..I like these photos, just my style. The lamp is wonderful


  • Oh my goodness Ness……I love the old trunks!! I had the most beautiful old trunk when I was little and when we moved to Australia I did a big clean out and the old ‘un sentimental kate’ threw it out. Im devastated now that I have developed such a passion forthese beautiful sentimental things!! xo

  • Kate you would die if you seen ours at the moment…shoved under the slot car table and full of ..well crap! I am in the process of organising my new office and it will take pride of place in there.

    I really have to keep my eyes peeled for the French lamp…it is stunningly simple. I love it.
    Glad you enjoyed these pics. Ness xx

  • Lovely images! I always am drawn to recycled furniture and pieces. Amanda x

  • I really love that red bathroom Ness – just divine!


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