Michelle over at Hugo and Elsa has tagged me!
These are the rules;
1. link to the person who tagged you
2.Mention the rules
3. Tell 6 quirky, yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself
4. Tag 6 other Bloggers by linking to them
5. go to each persons blog, leave a comment that tells them they have been tagged.
OK, I am not the most interesting person about so bear with me…
1. I cannot walk out the door unless the beds are made, not even to just nick down the road!
2. I am a bit anal when it comes to my cleaning routine and have days for certain things to be done (I am a slightly flexible here). If I don’t though it would just overwhelm me….
3. Which leads me to this…I am a list writer, always have been. I don’t feel right if there is something huge going on (xmas, shop etc) and I have no list…weird I know.
4. I always start the day with a Coffee (sorry in a mug Michelle).
5. I have a thing for Derwent Watercolour pencils. They can make a drawing look like a photo.
6. I phone my Mum everyday…hi Mum! talk soon.
I told you I wasn’t very quirky. I am going to tag –
Now I could have tagged you all, but can only pick 6. Sorry! Ness xx
image – sid dickens



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  • I am hopeless on doing these but will see how i go! thanks for thinking of me, Mel xxx

  • I am not much better Mel.

  • Thanks for playing! – I loved reading yours.

  • Oh thank you Ness, I’ll get onto that this week.

    Anna 🙂


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