French Fancy

Believe it or not this stunning loft apartment is in New York!! I know, you could be forgiven for thinking it was in the middle of Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower. It belongs to Liz Dougherty Pierce and all of her pieces are hand me downs, vintage finds, from op shops and markets. She owns no new pieces, and what a result. I love the ‘Suspendu’ lamp that hangs over the Dining table. When Liz has guests, she just pulls over the muslin curtains to create a room divider without loosing the romantic charm of the loft.
Oh, to have pressed tin ceilings. Her small but beautiful Living area is fitted out with beautiful chairs, covered in White Duck (like you put on a canvas, which I think could be passed off as linen) as the space is too small for a sofa. Liz has added a Chaise instead. The statue is ‘Diana, goddess of the hunt”, found in Brooklyn. The Chandelier is from the 1920’s.

This photo is stunning. Love the Chair (of course), the divine screen (hides the loft elevator doors) which shows a view of Toledo, Spain…and the puddle of beautiful curtains on the floor.

Everything you see on this table is second hand. Pieces are from New York, Montreal, hand me downs and flea markets. The Woman can hunt!

Loving this Louis XIV style chair. I think this would look just as nice in a sea side/ beach style home. The urn is gorgeous and the decorations inside are from Mexico. Tomorrow I am going to post Liz’ makeover of this same loft apartment…it is just as gorgeous! So, these are now the before photos!!
Ness xx



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  • Oh Ness, we truly are kindred spirits.
    This is a space I could live in and be completely happy.
    My dream is to be able to use all found objects in all of my projects. I love the search for the perfect chandelier with a great aged patina or the old weathered leather chair.


  • It is such a calm, peaceful look. Love the urn in the last photo. Can’t wait to see the makeover of this loft.

  • Great pics Ness! My girlfriend Char an Interior Designer who’s done all our new curtains had to convince me about the puddled curtain look, but I’m so glad she did. While I was not quite so brave with ours as Liz was, I’m so glad I trusted Char’s advice, they look awesome.
    Millie ^_^

  • Such a lovely space, Ness. So many beautiful finds. Love it

  • I too LOVE this space. I so long to expand my own home and yet I see small spaces like this with such beautiful and carefully chosen furniture and I feel I could live very happily here too.

    Anna 🙂

  • What a wonderful space and what a talented and patient lady she is to find all these goodies.

  • What a SWEET escape from the large city! It so lovely, when can I move in? hehe…

    I also LOVE the brick and how the curtains soften the space. Lovely!!!

  • Great photos and I love that chair!

  • Hi Ness – love her apartment. You wont believe it but one of the FIRST American mags i ever got had her house featured (apartment i should say) before it was decorated like this. Will have to dig it out later – i think it must have had a huge influence on me too! Mel xxx

  • Oh Ness – you and your scanner! This place is ALSO in my favourites folder waiting to scan in … it is just so so fabulous! Great one xx

  • One day I will live in a loft apartment…. This one is superb.

  • OOOOO girls…wait til you see the next one!!
    Ness xx

  • I’m dying right now! How gorgeous is this!?! I love that chair! Why do I always want to redo my house when I visit you!?!


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