Re-do Lovely..

I love a good re-do, and seeing that our thoughts are on our own little re-do I thought I would show a fabulous makeover from an old Country Home I have had on file for a long time. The top picture is my favourite with that fantastic Breakfront covered in Chicken Wire with all the white ironstone. I plan to sand back our current Dining Table and chairs, and paint the bottom of the table white and give the top of the table a finish with tinted bees wax…the same for the chairs.
I love how the Designer, Molly Pettigrew, has recycled the stainless pot rack. It looks totally different above the stylish Island. I will show you before/during and after shots once we get underway. Ness xx
Photo 1 & 2 After reno, Photo 3 Before reno…eeew!



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  • I love before and after pics – very inspiring!

  • Hi Ness! This is an amazing redo! Such a lovely kitchen!

    I look forward to see your redo!:o)

  • All well & good Ness if the Before ain’t so bad. But what if its as disgusting as our current Before!

    I know that soon I’ll have to get the camera out & do the shots of ours for posterity, but I reckon I’ll need at least 1/2 bottle of Vodka prior to actually posting them!
    Millie ^_^

  • Great Redo

    Ness have a lovely weekend.

  • Oh sweet Millie…you make me laugh. I can’t imagine your Kitchen to be that bad, but I have been wrong before!!! I am looking forward to seeing yours.
    Ness xx


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