Have a great Weekend

A very quick post today, as I am run off my feet. I thought this would be a very relaxing image to lead into the Weekend. This just makes me dream of what might be if the weather holds out and we can actually get some of our outside renovations done.
Hope you all have a great Weekend and get all that you want done. I would love to hear what you all have planned.
Ness xx
image-Ideal Home



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  • What a lovely picture!
    I hope you do manage to get some of your renovations done. You will have to put up some pictures when they’re done.
    Whatever you end up doing, I hope your weekend is great.

  • gorgeous image…have a lovely weekend…Love Cath xx

  • Good luck Ness – we are still experiencing very cool overcast days here. Where’s Summer hiding?
    Millie ^_^

  • Lovely image. I plan to catch up this weekend. Terribly exhausting week. Although with all the crazy economic news, I suppose I can’t complain.
    I hope the weather holds up for your renovations.


  • Beautiful pic sweetie! Best of luck with your new shop…as a shop owner (over 18 years now, I know how hard you are working…but, you obviously have the “passion” for it, so I know it will succeed. Best of luck!


  • A beautiful image to relax us all. This weekend I am working, working and more working…things always seem to pile up don’t they! xv

  • I really like your blog! It’s great. I am going to add you to my blogroll. Daisy~

  • Thanks so much Daisy, and thanks for visiting Debi. It is so lovely to meet you both.

    Where are the days going?? It’s nice to see that everyone else is busy too,
    Ness xx

  • That picture is truly beautiful! You’re already on my roll, so obviously I love your blog! Thank you for your lovely comment, and I look forward to seeing your renovation as well 🙂 You will be posting about it??


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