A white Christmas has always amazed me, and as a child my Mum would snuggle into me a say ‘let’s kid on it’s snowing’, by the way the temp outside would be a hot 30 degrees C!! I found this beautiful home in Denmark, which reminded me of my Mum when she let me imagine what a white Christmas would look like…this is just about it.



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  • Gorgeous , so gorgeous, I always think about a white Christmas…I love the simplicity of the first image….Trying to think of something to put on my front doors, maybe something like this….Take care C xxxx

  • Oh I love the pictures and white Christmas too. I hope it starts to snow before christmas.
    Wish you a wonderful advent season.
    Greetings from germany
    (I’m also a lover of ALL white)

  • It’s hard to imagine.. a white Christmas here. I had one once… in Austria… it was magical…. I was backpacking… a very lean Christmas but one I will never forget. Oh the heat… it was so hot here in Brisbane yesterday or maybe it was just the humidity… we had our school concert in an un-airconditioned hall… we almost perished! A-M xx

  • Loving these images.. I was just out looking for some real mistletoe and couldn’t find any… can’t wait to have a look around your blog when I have more time! My kind of style!
    x trina

  • So simple and SO pretty! You hit it on the mark again Ness! Just stunning, your images always inspire me.

  • Welcome Bianca and Trina. I will be having a look aroung your blogs over the weekend.
    A-M, I can’t say the same for here. I actually went into town today with jacket and scarf on!!! Crazy weather.
    Ness xx

  • I too have to imagine what a white Christmas would be like, since here in Texas we normally wear shorts at Christmas. It may be different this year, it’s actually been cold here lately. Have a great weekend, Theresa


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