Sore, sunburnt and some painting instructions…..

As you can see we had a beautiful day to do…you guessed more painting!
We got one side and the front under the veranda done (first coat) and some of the back…we are getting there. Now we are sun burnt, sore and poor Mic has no fingerprints from sanding.

I can’t wait to paint out the burgundy (we have called it a horrid name this colour) and paint our front door that delicious deep grey. The garden will be getting a huge makeover as well. Along the front those little bed things will be changed and I will put European box hedges in and pines I will clip to form a twist/spiral shape. The Austrian Blinds will be going to make way for wicker roman blinds. I just want it all done now. lol

I have had loads of emails about how I done my little $5 sideboard. So here is what I done…
Remember it was blue to begin with? Well I didn’t do any undercoat or priming, but used the paint I painted our bedroom floor with, Cabots Timber Colour, in Chalk White USA (dulux). I gave it one coat I think. I then filled some of the bigger cracks with wood putty, and gave it a light sand. Then I found some leftover stain from when we done our backdoor ages ago and rubbed it on with a rag, mainly around the edges, where you would normally expect a piece to age. It looked too new at this stage, so I painted a little more white on to the center of each panel, feathering it as I got close to the edges. That was pretty much it. Oh, then I gave the edges a light sand around where you’d expect the wood to show through, handles and corners.

I thank you all for the huge response about the colours I have chosen for our home and my sideboard. It made all the pain today worth it.
Ness xx



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