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I just wanted to say a thank you to all of you who either left a comment, bought something from my Etsy shop, or emailed me and made an order.
Since yesterdays post on my little flour sack cushion (which I was a little worried about putting on the blog) I have been inundated with orders and requests.
This is wonderful. Because of the whole credit crisis thing, tourist numbers expected to drop off everywhere and all of the other morbid problems the world faces, we are going to hold off on the actual shop for a few months more and concentrate my efforts on the Etsy shop, online stores, supplying and Interior Consultancy…just til we see what happens in the meanwhile.
So thank you all again for thinking my blog and shop are worthy of your time
…it makes me smile.
Ness xx
BTW- the cushion has sold, but I am taking orders, just email me.



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  • Congratulations on all the interest! Having the Etsy shop is a good compromise while you wait and see what the economy does.

    And I’m glad my pictures gave you some inspiration! It must be so fun having clients to work with…that would be my dream!

  • Thanks Catherine. Your blog is always inspiring. I am really enjoying all of the interest from everywhere…all my dreams are coming true.
    Ness xx

  • It’s nice having your dreams come true. I love looking at your blog and all the great pics. I really enjoy your comments on it all too! Keep up the good work and wish you much success even in trying times.

  • That is wonderful news for you! Being busy is always a good thing. With the economy as such it does look like 2009 will bring you much prosperity. Yeah!!!:)

    I can see why you pillow sold-it’s lovely.

  • Big hugs to you, Ness! Your blog is such an inspiration to me – not only because of its beauty, but because of your artistry and charm! I am so excited about the pillows, and you’ll have to come by my blog and see the perfect little antique iron bed that they are going on – all slated for my guest house bedroom! I linked to your pillows!
    Here’s to the best of things, the best of times for us all!

    xo Isa

  • That pillow is truly divine. And don’t worry about that global financial crisis thing … just be grateful you don’t work in an investment bank!

  • You deserve it Ness and the wonderful world of Blogland makes such a huge different to your business…I can assure you of that…Onward and Upward I say…Love Cathy xx

  • Hi Ness, I went straight over to your site yesterday to look for the pillow and realised it had gone! Good on you. Let me know when you do some more. I am on the hunt for new things for my house. Katrina x

  • I just discovered your blog and love it! I too love those grain sack cushions, although I’ve only ever seen them in the flesh once and they were *way* too pricey for me. But yours are so cute – I want to include them in a post on my blog. Please let me know if this is OK via my blog (my email should be there). I will be back soon to visit! {and I’m going to your etsy store right now!}


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