Simply Beautiful….

I have just stumbled upon this beautiful online store, Biskopsgarden, while visiting some of my favourite blogs last night and was blown away by the gorgeous photos, which were taken by Mari Erikson, and had to share…
This Armoire is lovely in blue, and I adore the little dressmakers form…too cute!
There is even a blog to go with the store, which is also full of lovely images. i didn’t have the translator on…didn’t need to. Beauty talks without words. The Tolix A Chairs in white are beautiful with this setting….love!

No words needed!

I would walk across a desert with freshly amputated legs to get one of these beauties! The lamp I mean!!

Two things I love…wicker basket and mattress ticking in a box cushion…heaven!

To see more of this beauty, and loads of seemingly mundane objects like tea cups and the like, turned into stunning displays with a general theme of white..go HERE!
To all of us Aussie’s, have a great long weekend
and Australia Day. I will be painting nearly an acre of white Picket Fence!!!!!! :0
Ness xx



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