What is it?…

image – Bountiful
…with Linen I mean? I adore it – all. Seeing beautiful pieces makes my heart beat faster.
I don’t know if it is the hunt for something not mass produced, a one off monogrammed sheet
for a young woman’s glory box, a perfectly worn piece of tapestry you could make into a bag
or cushion for the lounge…I am not sure.

I have long had a love affair with all forms of soft furnishings, but vintage linen still
gets me every time. I have loads in my linen closet, and can’t bear to part with any of them.
I think these blue cushions and snowy white linen are divine.

image – Katie d-i-d
Linen can really draw your eye to something beautiful in a room, whilst being subtle, yet still lovely in it’s own right. Like this gorgeous iron bed and the steel gray coverlet against white. A sumptuous gauzy curtain frames it all.

image – Katie d-i-d
Against a white sofa, this stunning wall hanging works so well with rich velvet cushions and a sisal mat, bringing out the warmth in the wood pieces.

I have always wanted something like this for a wall.

image – Marley & Lockyer
One of my own cushions on our bed.
I made this in a putty coloured linen. I like these so much I am

making more for our lounge.

image – unknown (sorry)
Storing linens is one of the fun parts. The whole process of ironing, folding and
putting on a shelf alongside my Lavender linen water is a very calming thing for me, and something I don’t do often enough.

image – Country Living
Nancy Fishelson loves vintage pieces and has this little cupboard
in her Bedroom to display her lovelies.

image – Lazybones
Beautiful textural linens is something I love for accent pieces for beds.
This one comes in a vast array of muted colours, with little circle cushions
and those lovely ruched pillow cases.

Image – Etsy
My new fascination at the moment is feed sacks, flour sacks and grain sacks.
I have recently bought some to make into cushions for our home.

I love the utilitarian quality of them, the nubby texture and the old business signs and logos on them, especially when the cushions are made with just a peek of the main print on it.
I think this one is a reproduction…can’t remember.

image – Etsy
This one is real.
I am sorry to have bored you with my obsession.
So now you all know that I am a linen geek and this is one of the main reasons I can’t leave a bed unmade….and see lovely linen all crumpled at the foot of a bed! 🙂
I just don’t know what it is!

Ness xx



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