Don’t Forget…

Valentines Day on Saturday.
How cute is this? If the Woman that was given this sweet little paper Eiffel Tower didn’t say yes, then she’s got issues!! What a gorgeous way to propose.
We don’t do anything exciting for the day. Mic and I have always said “You don’t need a special day to tell someone you love them”, we say it a million times everyday.

I would love to know where you get these. I seen it on White Living a while back and have had it saved ever since. If anyone knows, can you email me?
What do you all have planned???
Ness xx



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  • Hi Ness,
    sorry but I Don’t remember where I found this pictures.
    But I love them too and the girl who get this marriage proposal must be the happiest in the world ;o)

    Greetings Bianca

    …yes not far off

  • That had got to be the most amazing ring box I have ever seen! Wow! I actually got engaged while I was living in Paris – the box was nothing like this, though!

  • Here is where you can buy her things – beautiful!

  • *How beautifully romantic!*

  • Wow! How beautiful! Do men really do stuff like that?…And would it be over the top for me to save these photos and send them to a future boyfriend? Probably, huh :). (I hope you know I’m totally joking here).

  • Ness, I love this idea! How creative and totally non-cliche. Thanks also for your sweet comment and hope you have a lovely V Day!

  • Ness,
    Just love that! BTW, also added you to my favorite blog list! keep up the great posts!

  • Wow, now that’s what a call a proposal under the Eiffel Tower.. the ring aint too scruffy either! A-M xx

  • Wow. We have a sweet story, but I would have loved something so sweet AND clever. Precious.


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