Ecclectic Collection Of Loves
I have sent our little man, Declan off for his first day of School today, and to fight off the tears I thought I would post some other things I love.
This is beautiful and the detail superb. I would use it on my desk I think…for inspiration.
You probably know why I love this. French…text…burlap…cushion…divine!

Most of you are savvy with Miss Ramos. Ever so stylish and creative, Jennifer has just brought out these new fabric Butterflies made with designer fabrics and will be adding more designers to her list. I love them, and the fact that Vanessa means ‘Butterfly’.

Next time I visit the Supermarket I will have this over my shoulder for sure…way better looking than the enviro blue and green bags…and the handles are 22″.
This would be stunning in a frame…in my office!!! 😉
I picked this because the work that has gone into this little Bee is amazing. I can imagine many paper cuts and lots of ‘dead’ Bees in the bin before this one was made.

LOVE this. Seeing that we will be going into the colder season here soon, this would be a pretty reminder of Spring to come while my beautiful Hydrangeas and roses are in hibernation.
One of these (or some) will be going into our re vamped kitchen for sure. Teresa’s range of cushions are beautiful as well.
Don’t forget to visit my Etsy Shop, while you are looking at these lovelies!!
Ahh! that’s better. Not long to go now until I can pick up our little Man…God I miss him and it’s SO strangely quiet here today.
Ness xx
PS – If you live in Australia, please leave your shopping til Friday (13th for Coles and 20th for Woolies) as both these giants are donating all profits from their day’s to the Fire Relief Fund.



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