Apologie in white…

I would like to apologise for my absence from everyones comment pages of late. It is not me to visit and not leave a comment, but as I have to finish off painting our doors and make up curtains etc I have been a little time poor…so I am making up to you all with these white lovelies.
Please be warned that the following pictures may make you want to head to your nearest paint shop for the biggest tin of white paint you can find for a full white out!
Just letting you know before we start looking at these wonderful, beautiful interiors I have dug out. I think you will find there is something for everyone.
Pic – BH&G
Mmmmm! Bliss! Fave chair, Armoire, creamy white walls and loads of style. This room is by the talented Vincent Wolf.

Pic – Skona Hem
Modern with a hint of vintage glamour. I like it.

Pic – Skona Hem
What a lovely kids room. I always dreamed of a built in bed like this as a child. My own little space to escape to and a cocoon like feeling to keep me safe from the boogie man.
Pic – Atlanta Homes
A very sophisticated space with a very restrained palette, which is what you want to unwind in…clear your mind after a rough week.

Pic –Atlant Bartlett
Gorgeous personified! The amazing Atlanta is a modern master when it comes to whipping a white interior into life.

Pic – Baileys

and who could forget the washroom. I know it is just for Laundry to be done in, but I think it should have a sense of you and your palette and a hint of luxury, like this Belfast sink. Let’s face it, if you are anything like me, you spend ALOT of time in this space…and ours needs re doing.
Something else to add on to ‘The List’!

I posted about this beautiful little seaside shack when I first started to blog. It is just lovely, all white, French inspired and uber luxe…for a shack!

I would love to take this little white palace and plonk it into our back yard, where I would while away my time (!) and create and just be with all this lovely-ness.

maybe this can be the blueprint for the office/studio space that I have always yearned for in our little nook out the back we call the ‘Woodshed’. It’s not any more, now it is our outdoor dining space. I sit in there and wonder ‘how hard would it be to line this to turn into my sewing space and get our spare room back as the guest room’? Not hard I would think….add it to ‘The List’!
I hope you enjoyed these beautiful white spaces, and hope you all can forgive my absence.
Ness xx



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