A lack of…

Looking around our place today (we are rained in) I have really noticed our lack of storage. There are no built in cupboards, and while we do have storage it is all in the way of old wardrobes, small cupboards etc. So I went through my files and found these very useful…and very beautiful examples…. {unknown}
My favourite. The pale blue at the back of the shelves is so refreshing against those creamy white plates and picks up the blue Chandelier drops. I think the old dining setting make this room for me as well. It is gorgeous.

Chykah Keebaugh
I have long loved this grey beauty, especially with the ladder. I have long wanted one of these Library style units with ladder. There is a store in the Southern Highlands, not far from Mum and Dads that has quite a few I fancy. That wing back chair is lovely.

{Celia Domenech}
A little too modern for our current home, but I still love it all the same. I would love to have something like this built around a window with a little seat you could snuggle into on a day like today and cocoon in your books with a woolly blanket and a hot coffee.
{Country Living magazine}
This movable set of shelves would be great in a rental (which never seem to have enough storage). This looks wonderful with the white ironstone and glassware displayed on it. Units like this can be found cheaply, painted or waxed and used anywhere like the Bathroom (think loads of fluffy white towels, cut glass dishes and French soaps), Office (think matching Aqua filing boxes and Magazine holders), Kids’ room (for extra blankets, books, toys etc) and lets not forget the Garage, which is probably what it is intended for in the first place.
…I really need some more storage…

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you Monday!
Ness xx



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