Curb Appeal

The pull to a home via the appearance of the front yard and home is huge, especially if you are selling and especially if you are trying to sell in these uncertain times. Why should buyers take a leap into the financial black with your place?
You are always told by your Estate Agent that you should have a good tidy up etc, but some people just don’t get it. It doesn’t mean just cut the grass and pull out a few weeds!
It means you should try and spend some money on your home, which may seem silly as you are selling it, but it could add quite a few thousand to your sale price.
The quickest way to do this is to paint. Try and not choose for yourself. You may like blue and yellow, but they may not. So, try and choose colours that are in keeping with the style of your home and stick to a main colour, a trim colour (windows etc) and a accent colour (fascia, gutters, doors etc) like the one above. Neutrals always work well as they look great with a lush green garden.

The entrance to your front door should not be overlooked. Even if it means ‘dressing it’ for the potential buyers who will be coming through your home. Go inside and bring out a pot of flowers, a quirky but natural looking display piece (like a old birdcage) and if you have a bench, or rocking chair if it is a cottage), some cushions to make it feel like they could plonk down there and stay for a while…like forever!

Back to the garden. Yes cut your lawn, trim and unruly plants, and maybe pot some colour around your front door or any bare patches you may have in your garden beds. Try and not have a tizzy of colours though. Just a few colours will make a HUGE impact. If you can do this a few weeks to a month before you sell, they will have filled out and made your garden not look like a ‘I just threw this together cause you were coming’ deal. It will look like you care from the front gate to the back fence. Make sure if you have animals to pick up the jobbies, yep everyday!!! If you have a pool, I should be gleaming, pool paraphernalia packed out of sight and maybe some chairs or a little sitting area near by, so buyers can imagine themselves there in Summer having a wine.

Your windows should be sparkly…just don’t use newspaper. This worked in the old days because of the carbon in the print, but now days there is a silicon in the print and it will leave smears! If you are selling in Autumn (like here in Australia at the moment), rake up your leaves and compost them, so buyers can see all your hard work. It does look lovely though in this photo. Just not for sale day. Next week I will give you some tips for inside.

Have a great weekend,
Ness xx
images 1- maybley & handler, 2-Architectural Digest, 3- Me, 4- Point Click Home, 5- Country living



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