New at M&L!!!

I have been so inspired lately to create some new cushions (the book I bought the other day helped) that I have been sewing like mad and i can finally show you what I have done. This one above is the back of my new ruffled cushion

…here is the front. It is based around my Oat Sack covers. I wanted to create a little French feeling to the designs and came up with a sugar sack. The ruffle just makes it a little more girly, which I have missed and seem to be coming back to.

Here is some detail of the front. I have a Bee at the top and I love the fact that the printing is always slightly different, which gives it more of a vintage feel.

My other newbie is this Hummingbird cover. I made this with a putty coloured cotton drill and gave it an Oxford Edge to style it up. I am really pleased with this.

and it goes great with our Charlie Brown pillow cases. I have sat it beside some of the more contemporary covers like the Ampersand etc and it looks great also…but it goes wonderfully with my my Signature range. I have more coming and these will be in different colours too.

You can buy these at my Etsy Shoppe by clicking HERE.
Please let me know what you think.
Have a great day tomorrow,
Ness xx



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