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Aust Country Style
I have really had this urge of late to do something to our old bathroom. Can’t do too much as it is not on the current renovation budget list, but I would like to give it a lick of paint and a mini make over that costs hardly a cent. This photo above has inspired me for a long time now, and I am going to use this as a starting point. I will need to take some photos so you can all appreciate what we are living with at the moment…ranch board walls, beige toilet, a wood wall with shiny orange lacquer…and the laundry chucked in too!
I love this little nook to hid the toilet area without stealing light from the space. I would have the window up a little higher. The beaded walls is something that will eventually be in the plans, but for now a coat of white paint on the ranch board will have to do…and definitely on the orange lacquered bath wall.
I adore these pretty little tea cups used as jewelry catchalls. Simple little things like this will be on the cards to bring a bit of vintage to the space.

aust country style
This is another favourite bathroom image which I have posted a long time ago. I would love to have a pale floor in our bathroom. Currently it is a mish mash of brown geo patterns that aways look dirty…eew! I would love to rip this up and paint the floors white like our bedroom. A Chandelier would be nice, but not for this mini makeover…we have the bath though!
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