I missed it!!!

..my blog birthday that is! On Saturday my blog was one and I didn’t even realise. This would be like missing one of your children’s birthdays I think..oops!
Anyway I wanted to thank you all for stopping by each day and especially if you leave a comment or send me an email. I love to read what think about my blog and work.
A special thank you to Anna Spiro over at ABT for the inspiration I still feel each time I visit her site. It was Anna’s blog that got it all going for me. Even now when I visit she seems to ignite the fire in my belly to go out there and create and live beautifully…so thanks Anna.
And to each and everyone of you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Ness xx



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  • Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!
    Grow up but keep one-year-old kid inside ;))

  • Hi Ness and Happy Bday!!! It is so exciting to read your blog and to see all that you have done in such a short year! The home remodeling, the Etsy shop, it is so inspiring. Just as Anna started it all for you, you did the same for me! You were the very first blog I ever visited and I was so inspired and you left me my very first comment. Ever since that day you have been such a huge support for me! THANK YOU!!!
    Happy Bday!

  • Hi Ness,
    Happy blog birthday, I don’t always get a chance to visit but when I do I’m filled with admiration and love every one of your posts. I think thanks to ABT we all got inspired to blog, she is pretty amazing girl as you are too xx

  • You are very sweet Ness! Congrats, your blog is beautiful!

  • So sorry to have missed your bloggy b-day!
    I’m so glad I found you. Your blog has been a wonderful gift that you have given to us all.
    Happy Belated Bloggy Birthday, Ness.



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