Scandinavian Sweetie…

…in the UK! This little house is just so cute. I love the palette used in this 19th century cottage, so peaceful and serene.It belongs to Property Developer Yolanda Cubbit and her Husband, Trevor. Pretty much everything was changed to make way for loads of natural light…inspired by the Swedes.
Part of the living has been put to good use with this wonderful French table, where Yolanda can gaze out the window whilst doing a budget for one of her many make overs.
Even though the space is small and some of the pieces large, like the ottoman, the space is so snug and fresh.
The use of Architectural elements like this piece above the mantel, give some character and interest to space, and pieces collected over time sit wonderfully together with new bought items.
hallways and tight spaces have all been put to good use, as the house is small. Like this hallway which houses extra seating which can be pulled in to the living space if needed….
…and this landing which is a home office.
The main bedroom has also been kept light and airy, using mainly white and creams with the little punches of red in the quilt…anything too colourful would overwhelm this room.

I just love this space made for their Grandson when he comes to stay. Squeezed in under the sloping ceiling, the white red and blue scheme looks so fresh.
Yolanda’s love of French and Scandinavian style has served her well here in a difficult home that didn’t attract too much natural light…until she got her hands on it that is!
Ness xx



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  • So beautiful – I feel like I’ve taken a little holiday! Love the red and white quilt on the bed – just perfect.

  • Gorgeous.
    I love the color palate.

  • Simply Lovely…Love Tiina…

  • Loveliness. Such a soothing environment.

  • Beautiful. I love their subtle use of red.

  • Gorgeous, I love the colours! Also love the sisal as I am using this on our current project! Infact we just humped a lot upstairs – it is not the easiest of things to carry up a flight of stairs!

    Leeann x

  • These images are lovely. Such a beautiful home. I ‘ve just been looking through your beautiful blog when I should be getting ready for work. Nice images to start my day. Thanks

  • Can you imagine calling that home?? What a lovely life!! Thanks for the tour, all the best, Chrissy

  • What a gorgeous, fresh looking home. Perfect antidote for long, cold English winters! Lee 🙂

  • One of the nicest livingrooms I have seen in a long time, wish some of my clients would ask for white,off white,soft colors…Sweet metal bed too

  • Lovely nice room for the grandson really sweet and I love that mantlescape
    Lynette 🙂

  • Am pretty keen of a small space. Am living in poorman’s house here in Stockholm, just a 15 mins from the city.

    All spaces must be use and design to its taste. We call Compact Living.

    Your blog rock, girl! Luv it!

    Cheers for your great Wednesday.


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