Wednesday Wantings…

Today I am wanting 2 things – Vintage Apothecary bottles and….
…vintage Botanical prints!
Coastal Homes
…to do something like this with. The bottles would be in place of some of the frames.
I wish it was “I Just Got Wednesday”!
Ness xx



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  • I adore the botanical prints. One of my favourite styles of artwork especially in groups. Ax

  • I really like apothocary bottles. I have one that I bought in Libertys in London but I have got some little Victorian originals that we found in the garden.XXXX

  • If I could, I’d be right on the banks of the Seine now, looking for vintage botanical prints at the little stalls. The best place to look for them!

  • I’m not sure what it is about old bottles but I agree; they draw me in ALL the time.

  • I agree! I love both of these items. Beautiful pics and i love your bus & tram pillows BTW. So charming! I use my M&L pillows every day… love that I won your giveaway a while back.


  • Your Aussie Botanical Society actually has a link to artist that do current prints that are just as gorgeous. I found then online by sheer accident one night on google. I’ll send you a link if you like.
    I can’t wait to see Declans cookies!!!


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