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This image is wonderful! The get together I a have mentioned this week is happening tomorrow and I have been head down preparing for it. We are hoping to have the main part outside…weather prevailing! I don’t have anywhere as gorgeous as this as a backdrop because the leaves on our old Sycamore are just starting to unfurl. I do have something pretty in mind though.
via Brabourne Farm
Both of these images have me in the mood for styling the area I have planned for this event and I promise you I will show photos and tell you all how it went on Monday.
Oh, and thanks to Atlanta Bartlett for contacting me about the mention I made about her stunning site on yesterdays post…made my day!
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend,
Ness xx



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  • I LOVE THE FIRST IMAGE!!! it´s lovely.
    Thank you for share it with us.
    Have a great weekend.

  • Look forward to seeing photos of your weekend of fun

  • Enjoy your get together Ness – hope the weather is kind to you x Caroline

  • I just wanted to say…I stop by your blog every morning and LOVE every minute of it! You are definately a fav. Thank you for such fabulous inspiration! :o) ~mary~

  • oh Ness it sounds so fun! hope you have a great time! the white table and chairs are so pretty! xo

  • who wouldn’t be!

  • I’m inspired.

  • Hi Ness,
    Your posts are all inspiring not only this post that of course is again wonderful!


    PS Sorry for the mistaken about US and Australia! I was disturbed!

  • so pretty… have a great weekend… x pam

  • yes! australian mag’s are soo expensive..its like buying a book. My mom is sending me a package this week that will hopefully have some mags in it. But apparently Lonny isn’t even in print my mom says (but I think it is) who knows…online it is! Australia is great so far! Just getting settled still, trying to find some adventures.


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