One of those days!

Beach Studios
As far as days go…today I should have stayed in bed!!!
Our littlest munchkin was sick, and while he laid and slept on the sofa most of the day,Beach Studios
I played catch up on my mountain of jobs and orders, while feeling a little queasy too.
To top that off, there is something going on with our computer and it is going sooooo slow.
Hopefully tomorrow will erase today.
Ness xx



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  • Oh Ness,
    I think that if you are scik and laying in that beautiful bed of the 1st picture, you will feel better after a few minutes!
    The parquet floor is also amazing!
    All these pictures will make you better if you were feeling sick!


  • Hope things get better in your house!

  • Hope you are feeling better. Those images are so beautiful.I really believe in the power of white.

  • Hope the little munchkin is feeling better today and munchkin-mom too. Xo

  • Beautiful photos, Ness.

  • Oh dear, I hate those days! I am having one of those mornings with a 4 year that suddenly has decided he hates preschool and is screaming and holding onto the gate. Makes me feel awful! Hope your day improved and today is a better one 🙂

  • I love the bedroom… the bed, the light, the floors… nothing else needed here.

  • I agree with Greet! I hope posting such beautiful images helped to cheer things along Ness. Oh that lovely bedroom, and that long long long table…

  • oooh… what beautiful photos
    Hope things improved and that you are both feeling better


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