$5 Sideboard Changes…

Yesterday I said I would show you some of the other changes I made over the weekend and the $5 sideboard was one. I enjoying changing this around and it is another piece that is never the same for long.
I like this little grouping and I let the little bird out of my cage. The jug was a purchase from Ikea a long time ago and it just goes with everything.

The other end of the sideboard now has one of my china lamps on it and some candles for the chilly weather we are getting now. I love candles in winter time, it is a real cocooning effect and with the fire going in the background is just perfect.

So this is what the sideboard looks like…today! The lighting is not very good as it is cold and raining. The only thing that ever seems to stay the same come to think of it is the Vacuum Oil Co sign on the wall. We love this. It is part of an old crate and someone had taken the time to lacquer it so it has a wonderful sheen to it. It fits in with our floorboards so well.

This sideboard has been such a great piece, remember it like this….

I still can picture Mics face when the men dropped it off…he was horrified! I must admit, it was bad. A washed out blue, no door, bits of veneer missing, stained, had been in the rain for about 2 weeks and was on its was to the dump!!!
For $5.00 it was a great bargain. The men at the Shed thought I was a loony for wanting it!

This was the first vignette I made on it after it was finished…also when my china collection was still young.
I love it and it has been so practical. All of our chargers etc are in one drawer. Magazines I cant part with in one door, kids craft items in another and another drawer I still haven’t filled yet…and all for $5.00!

I also wanted to show you this which I picked up on my trip to The Vintage Rose a few weeks ago. Some of you wanted to know what else I bought. This was one of them. It smells divine, but I mainly bought it for the bottle. Once it is empty I will re fill it. The only problem is that I would love to showing you it beside my Belfast sink…but we don’t have one. It is on ‘the list’ and at least I have the bottle already.

I also found somewhere to put my white washed wicker heart I also bought from The Vintage Rose. I had this vintage lace trim and thought I would use it as a ribbon to hang from our French doors. Very happy with that heart…thanks Manda!
So, now I am off to check if our raspberry and white choc muffins are ready to have with a cup of coffee, then to see what else I can change….
Have a wonderful day.
Ness xx



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  • Your new little display looks lovely. I’m ALWAYS moving things around fom place to place in my home. It drives my husband mad but I just can’t help it.

  • Your new sideboard display is just gorgeous Ness:) I love the sign above your sideboard and what a bargain the actual sideboard was, it looks fantastic now:) Wish I was there to have one of those delicious looking muffins with you- raspberry and white choc are my favourite!! ENJOY ~ Tina xx

  • Gorgeous displays! Love the color combintions! Sign is my favorite! Its so funny to hear you say winter. Wow, were just heading into spring. Love all the different seasons! ~Lulu

  • I love the legs on your sideboard!


  • SEE?!?!?!? this is what happens!!!! Now you inspired me;)…and I already had so many plans for today…so….thank you!!! NOW I WILL BE BUSY!!!!*grins*


  • What a lovely display. You have inspired me! I love a good change around and now that daylight savings has ended here, I need to get out all the candles and make new groupings. The sideboard is fabulous, the paint colour is great.

  • wow! your sideboard looks great. no one would think it started out as a $5 buy.

  • What a great find, Ness! You’ve done a lovely job with it….and those muffins look quite yummy too!

    : )

    Julie M.

  • Your sideboard is fabulous! What a transformation! I really like your china lamp -it’s so pretty!

  • I just love that sideboard table. You have completed such an amazing transformation on it. Looks wonderful. Also love the display and your use of letters – I have a bit of a hankering for letters also!

  • gorgeous!! I am kicking myself for getting rid of a similar one. AGh!!
    I love the blue n white jars also mmmmm

  • I have to redecorate again and again. Sometimes I change only one book, othertime the complete decoration.

    The big “M” is beautiful – it also fits nicely with the books. Good work 😉

    Greetings and beso


  • That is incredible $5 for a sideboard. I love the curved wood centre panel. The blue & white lamp base is looking just lovely on it. I bet the raspberry/white choc muffins are going down well.

  • So glad you posted about this Ness. You have a real knack of arranging things to look just right. I am still struggling to get my sideboard looking good but it’s just not happening. This post has encouraged me to keep at it!

  • I am fairly new to your blog, so I have not seen this before. So glad you showed the before. What a transformation! Your new display looks great

  • Very pretty arrangement. You also did a fsntastic job transforming the sideboard. You are very talented!

  • Hallo! I just love the sideboard!! What a nice combination of colours..have a nice day!!

  • It looks so great – that would have to be my favourite hobby – arranging things on a sideboard or similar – strange but true! Mel xxx

  • GREAT JOB on your sideboard….looks fantastic!!! I love everything you put on it…especially the design books and the bird!!!

  • Always such fun to rearrange things. It looks fabulous

  • What a beautiful makeover you did you that sideboard! I’m impressed!

  • Love the display on your sideboard – exactly the inspiration I need at the moment as we bought a buffet/sidebaord last week and I needed some ideas for what to display on top. Those muffins look scrumptious!! Enjoy the rest of your week x

  • Your sideboard is so beautiful now, great job, brava!!!!
    Hug, Annamaria

  • Hi Ness! I love the sideboard, what an amazing deal you got on it. The wicker heart is so pretty too. I hope you are having a lovely week!

  • Oh, I love it! Vignettes are such a cool way to change around a room without rearranging all the furniture, etc. Great job!

  • I love how the sideboard turned out…such a great job!! I too am so ready for spring…we awoke to more snow and school being canceled for the day. I have seen glimpses here and there…just trying to enjoy those days when they come. lol Have a wonderful day!!


  • It looks so inviting Ness and you keep so busy, refinishing, moving, arranging, and baking. Can you come and live here? XO

  • Einfach wunderschön!Gratuliere!Bussi.Luciene.

  • 5 bucks for a vignette?! Did I read that right? It looks lovely anywho. Your decorations are perfect.
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  • Well, that piece of furniture was one heck of a steal! I have that same bird. I was just outside moving it to one of my little flower beds.

  • oh, lovely!
    do you have a recipe for those muffins? they sound absolutely perfect for Spring!!!

  • Your are brave to buy that piece of furniture and so talented to make it what it is today. LOVE it.

  • i LOVE it! i think the most rewarding pieces are always the ones that were about to hit the trash pile. you know you’re saving a piece of someone’s history from utter demise, and in the meantime, turning it into something gorgeous! outstanding- i love it!

  • love the display… great selection of accessories! and those muffins look soooo good!

  • Ness, The sideboard stole my heart!
    I love old pieces like that, those
    that need a new lease on life! Your
    new display is wonderful! I have
    all old cupboards in my house and
    love them dearly. Thanks for
    sharing. Jane Flora Doora

  • Dear Ness,
    Everything looks wonderful and, your sideboard has turned out brilliantly.
    What I love about blogging is, it gives me such wonderful ideas. I am now going to put one of my little birds on a pile of old books ! It looks great. Thanks so much for the inspiration. XXXX

  • Hello sweet Ness – I love visiting your beautiful blog. It’s so soothing. I also love your sideboard! The grouping you have on there now is fab. Love the “M” (I’ve been looking for one similar for my desk). And that sign is really neat!



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