Weekend Dreaming…

image unknown – sorry
This weekend just past I spent a lot of time in our kitchen as both of our boys have been ill, so no bargain hunting for me. I have been fiddling around in there trying to get the space organised. Re-doing pantries and the like…boring stuff. I did however spot some gorgeous kitchens and dining spaces which had me dreaming and thought I would share with you.
This one above is just beautiful and I am sorry, I cant remember which blog I seen it on. If you know can you tell me please? The window is amazing and I love the vintage linens draped over the table.
image from google-ing ‘kitchen images’
This would have to be one of the most beautiful cooking nooks I have seen in a long time. I love the tile, the lighting, the bench tops, cabinetry and the oven which is like the one we have on our wish list for when we re-do the kitchen…sigh!
oh well, I did do lots of baking though – there’s something!!
hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Ness xx



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  • Hi Ness,

    I hope your boys feel better soon!!!


  • thanks ness! i love these wonderful pictures! such great eye candy!

  • I was home with a sick kiddo this weekend too Ness, but was able to get lots done around the house.
    Both images make me swoon!
    Happy Monday my friend,

  • Hope the boys are better now….I am sure the baking helped them….lovely shots, xv.

  • Ness, my favorit would be a combination: old white linen, the light and the window (yes – THIS window! 😉 ) from the first and an AGA. Black and white… of course.

    Sometimes dreams come true … 😉



  • Hi dear Ness,
    First of all, I feel so quilty to not have comment for so long but I was so busy the last weeks and I couldn’t hardly manage to do blogposts as much as wanted to do! But here I am again my friend!
    I love the first picture here! So beautiful!!!

  • Oooo , I love these kitchens. Very Scandanavian influence, I think.
    You will have your drean kitchen someday. It wouldn’t bee so wonderful if you didn’t have to wait for it !!!!
    Have a lovely week, Ness. XXXX

  • Oh Ness, both ill…i hope they can get better soon!
    And I agree with you, just Gorgeous kitchens!!! I’m kind of lazy here to start mine…waiting for the weather to get warmer though.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.
    Have a lovely week,

  • Oh Ness, the poor boys, hope they are soon better.
    Love the dining space photo. The kitchen tile splashback looks fabulous but my first thought was – cleaning all those tile edges that jut out!!

  • Just gorgeous! I love the elegance of it all! Hope the boys are better soon!

  • Hi Ness, sorry to hear the boys have been unwell, hope they get better soon. Love Manda xxx

  • Oh I am sorry to hear your boys have been sick Ness! Hope they are both feeling much better, I am sure your baking would have cheered them up! Love your pics of those gorgeous kitchens. Good on you for taking the time to do some kitchen re-organising of your own. Hope you have a wonnderful week lovely. ~ Tina xx

  • I agree…the cooking area is great. I love that tile behind the stove. Hope your kids are better.

  • wow, I’m seriously loving that backsplash!!

  • i love these! i could use a nice big kitchen 🙂

  • That black and white checked floor just never does go out of style. Love it darling, thanks for sharing! 🙂


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