What Was In The Reflection???

This is what is in the reflection from yesterdays post…my new artwork for above our sofa!
Remember I have had a lot of pieces here while I found something more permanent – is there such a thing? not in our house anyway =0) My dear Mum and Dad brought these for me as a gift and I am so pleased with what they chose.
Knowing my love of vintage, antique pieces I think the images show these so well. One with a set of suitcases and the words ‘London 1920’ (you may notice I use 1920 in some of my prints on my covers in my store too) and the other with a dressmakers form and the word ‘Milano’. How I would love a dressmakers form from Milan, Paris…actually anywhere to be honest!

I really like how they look and at first was unsure about the frames, but once my Dad hung them I loved them. The tones tie in with our home very well and I do like the silvery colour of the frames…oh and I will remember to get the other hook from the wall out – just wanted to show you what it looked like =0)
What do you think?
Ness xx



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  • I think you’re so lucky to have parents who buy tasteful things!

  • Thanks Kerry,
    They are amazing parents thats for sure =0)
    Ness xx

  • What wonderful prints and wonderful parents! I think they look great!

  • Wonderful pictures Ness! Your parents sound so amazing, your a lucky girl! I have some pieces from my parents that really bring back some great memories! Hope you had a great day, mine is just starting.

  • They look perfect. So nice that your parents know what would please you. You are lucky.

  • Hola! Thanks for sharing all your re-do-ing. Everything looks great. I like to call what we do “serial redecorating”, and despite what my husband sez, I find nothing wrong with it at all! Enjoy!

  • Your Mum and Dad were sweet to
    get them for you! They are
    simply beautiful…look perfect
    in the room!

    Flora Doora

  • They are lovely, and full marks to your Mum and Dad for knowing exactly what you would like. I like the modern touch the silver frames give to the vintage subject.

  • Hi Ness, your Mum and Dad are really good to you, always buying you little treasures and they have such good taste! Very nice.

  • I think these pictures look perfect Ness. I find myself always using mirrors behind sofa’s but am really liking the look of art more and more.
    10 out of 10 to your Mum and Dad!

  • Hi Ness,
    Really like the two pictures behind the couch and love the frames as well. The pictures themselves are really lovely..hope you’re having a great day today.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  • Ness ‘The Parents’ did good…didn’t they. Love them.
    Didn’t notice the other hook until I read it was still there

  • Yay to your fabulous parents Ness! The pictures and frames look gorgeous on your wall! Lucky lady 🙂 ~ Tina xx

  • Gorgeous picks Ness I to would love a dressmakers form I can never find the style I like & when I do it’s to expensive, one day i’m sure!! 🙂


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