What to do when your peg basket breaks…

Make a new temporary one!
This post is totally random and one of those little moments in a day that I happened to capture.
I have this one monogrammed with a V, for Vanessa of course. Even though I only get called that when I am in trouble ;0) I made it from white linen and has a little soft blue ribbon to tie the end and keep my pegs safe…I do love our white floorboards and my old wicker basket =0)

Really happy how it turned out. I even managed to do some little flowers on it and some flourishes. I thought it looked great sitting on our white towels, straight from the line when I brought them in from the sun and thought I would show you.
…see, totally random.
Now to find a new peg basket!
Ness xx



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  • Hello!Is beatifull here…Beijos.Luciene(Tretswelt.blogspot.com)

  • Isn’t it lovely to look at something you’ve done with complete satisfaction. That is utterly gorgeous and looks incredibly neatly finished.

    I like random posts sometimes. Just to catch a snippet of someone’s day. Thankyou.


  • Simple and lovely, you make it look so easy. I received my gorgeous purchases this week from you and love them all. So beautifully made and more than I expected. Thank you so much, and I will show on a post where I have used/put them.(thinking of giving the stocking to my sister and ordering some more!) Have a lovely week.
    Rebecca x

  • Hi Ness, What a great solution. I like it. What happens when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. It looks so pretty. Have a good week.
    The Swedish Room

  • There is something deeply satisfying about seeing a beautiful handmade object being put to practical use. The freshly dried towels in the lovely old laundry basket create quite a picture.

  • Ness, you’re probably the only person who could inspire me to put some washing on! Absolutely lovely images, and gorgeous basket. My house is full of old baskets – my husband doesn’t understand how I can get so excited about woven bits of wicker – but white towels in baskets are a delight! xx

  • This has nothing to do with your post, but I just wanted you to know that I think your home is so beautiful! Thanks for all the fun posts.


  • It’s fun to read a random post. I love your simple and beautiful photos. I am now inspired to go do some laundry! Have a great day, Ness.

  • ~*Just beautiful Ness!! I LOVE It~*~* :)Rachel

  • I just think it’s amazing that you can “whip up” something so beautiful with (seemingly?)such little effort. Once you find your new peg basket – what will this little gem become? :)Sharyne

  • I love your ‘random’ post! Keep rambling, it’s light entertainment..which I need at the moment.
    Great job with the peg bag too, hmm can just smell that lavender too!
    S. x

  • Dear Ness,

    I have one, too and love it. And I use clothes pegs made of wood. The work is the same, but it’s nice to do 😉



  • Ness, I love,love,love it!! 🙂 You clever girl! Looks beautiful as always:) Hope you have a fabulous Thursday~ Txx

  • Ness,

    It looks really lovely. You are a very clever girl. As I was logging on I thought you might have done a story on ‘The Block’. Did you watch it last night??? Oh well completely off….love totally random anyway, your pictures could be in a magazine! Hope you’re having a great day.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  • Beautiful idea – it may even help make such a deplorable job as hanging out the washing slighly more bearable!


  • Beautiful and practical!


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