Winner, Award, Autumn & Sneak Peak….

Today is officially the last day of Summer here in the Land Down Under.
I am not one to say ‘oh’ or anything like that. The thought of getting into longer sleeves, light scarves and getting the throw rugs out puts a spring in my step.
I am looking forward to re-lighting our big ol kitchen fire (see above) also.
So I have been thinking of other ways to introduce warmth into our home and found these beauties…
An amazing knitted lampshade.
Although I don’t think having it turned on would not make my hover about it waiting for a small fire to start…loving the bottle though.

I know this doesn’t go with warming up the home, but I just love it so much
and maybe it could hold some magazines by the sofa.

via anthropology
And who wouldn’t want to curl up under a throw like this? Perfect colour too.

With the thought of cooler weather I have finally had the chance to get cracking on new cushion designs and came up with this…

marley & lockyer
Vintage Botanical images on linen.
In this new range is Vintage Bird prints too…I am in love with these.
But lets get on to the giveaway winner. Dah, da da dah
Sissie from Sissies Shabby Cottage =0)
I still cant get the generator thing to paste onto my blog so if you know, please inform me…I’m hopeless!!
Oh, and I was given the Stylish Blogger Award again by the ever so gorgeous and uber talented Kelly McGuill from O so D.
How sweet of you Kelly. I wont bore you again though with 7 things about me as I only done it a few posts back. thank you Kelly and thank you to each of you who entered the giveaway, blogged about it, posted on your sidebars, joined FB and this Blog…you are all so wonderful =0)
I will be having another giveaway soon.
Ness xx



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