Market Makeover…

Well kind of.
When I bought this little beauty some time ago, she was a Maroon shade with a white marble effect…I know! But for $3 how could I not bring her home and give her a makeover?
The first part straight after I bought her was a undercoat in a washed grey to cover the Maroon
…and that’s how she stayed…
until yesterday.

There were redeeming features I knew I could work with.
An old travel label.

from the southern part of Tasmania, which has oodles of charm.
and papered inside. Great for paint.
I gave her a few coats of a chalky white paint…everywhere!
Already she is looking amazing.

and as I am using this as display for my covers for the up coming Niche-All Wrapped Up Markets, I wanted it to not overwhelm my products and designs.
So a covering of brown paper was put over the dirty green original paper.
which I then stencilled with a little leaf design I came up with.

I didn’t do the bottom of the case of the other sides because once it is filled with my cushions you wont see them. Remember it is a display piece.
I actually like the fact that one of the latches is missing.

and with one of my White Clay Tags hanging from it I think she looks much better now.

I will be using one of my Luggage White Clay Tags on the Market day though.

What a sweet lady she is now.

I feel much better now to be pulling together the ideas I have for my stall and will be starting work on another piece very soon…stay tuned.
So, what do you think?
Ness xx
p.s-You can by my White Clay Tags HERE =0)
all images-me

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  • very nice Ness! i am on the lookout for a similar suitcase to paint up. thought i’d found it the other day, but the handle was missing ARG!!
    your little tag looks perfect hanging from the front 🙂 Kate x
    ps what chalky white paint do you use? it looks fab!

  • Hey – looks fantastic. A wonderful treasure trove for old pictures and small memories! I like it!!



  • Hi Ness finali got back to blogging love the case what a price lucky you the cushions will be great in there 🙂

  • It’s gorgeous Ness and I’m sure it will compliment whatever you are putting in there and won’t try to upstage the merchandise :o)

  • Oh wow!! What a little treasure you have created xox

  • Kate, the chalky white I used for this piece is by Dulux- Antique White USA or Chalk White USA by the same company. They are my favourites.
    Ness xx

  • Can’t wait to see your stall at Niche, Ness!

  • Thanks Tameeka.See you there!

  • Ness you sure have the design thing happening – what a great make over – i suspect there will be an op shop rush on for little old school cases now 🙂

  • What do I think? Beautiful amazing and I want one!

  • Fantastic!! I love how this turned out–great job!!

  • I think she is beautiful! I have a few of my own who are crying out for a makeover too! Thanks for some inspiration…:)

  • A.D.O.R.E this ness…

    the loveliest vintage suitcase re-vamp i have seen on a blog…
    even if it is only a prop…she’s a seriously lovely one…

    melissa x

    p.s tag looks great on there- perfect finish!

  • Wow!

    It is amazing post!
    And your blog its fantastic!

    I follow your!

    Have a nice day!=)
    Mi blog:whereORwhat

  • I have been looking everywhere for a vintage suitcase! I wish I had your luck!

  • How sweet! That would make the cutest little dog or cat bed too!
    You know I have cats and dogs on the brain! LOL!

  • I think she is beautiful! I love the paper you stenciled and your clay tag is the perfect touch. Be sure to show us photos when she is filled with your lovely pillows.

  • Very nice. I have 2 small one that I painted too glossy. I want a big ger one like yours. I also like what you did inside. Nice,nice, nice.

  • I love the fact you took the time to make this little piece of luggage look so pretty! And, a great storage piece too.

  • Hi Ness,
    I love, love vintage luggage, especially the ones all beaten up and worn. Yours looks wonderful with the coat of white and the lining stenciled! It’s going to be a wonderful display piece. Of course, someone will probably want to buy it! You know how that goes!


  • So lovely, I wish I had read this before…. I found an old red wooden suitcase in the dump, and after it lived in the basement for a few month, it went back to its original finding place – I couldn’t figure out what to do with it!

  • Great makeover Ness, it will make a wonderful display for you at the markets. I bet someone will want to buy it. 😉

  • So pretty! x

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