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You know, if you have read this blog before, that I am all about white Ironstone, actually, white in general really!!
So, this short and sweet post (still having issues with Blogger) is dedicated to my love of the chalky, milky shade =0)
I have a little white project going on at the moment. If the weather snaps out of this cold, cold spell we are having, I will be able to share…but not until ;0)

I actually found this image on Pinterest. It had that it came from weheartit.com, but I believe it is Sarah’s from A Beach Cottage…pretty sure of that actually. Either way, loving that neutral lace tablecloth from the door frame and the pick up in the stripes against all that lovely white <3

How I could dine here! Really, I could ;0)
Just perfect. Wing backs, worn wood, HUGE Drum shades x2 and the buttoned black- oh and an Antler for good measure!
Well, my pretties. I needed that little hit of white, neutral gorgeous-ness (no pun!) and hope you did too.



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  • Thank you for sharing those dreamy photos. I love the dining table and chairs. Gorgeous!!!

  • You always have the most beautiful pics on your blog. I love that dining room with the black chairs.

  • Einfach zu schön finde ich.Schöne Woche.Bussi.Lu.

  • Beautiful images, Ness. I love the simplicity of white….it’s so fresh, pure, clean and peaceful. Hope your week is going well!

  • I love the white look as well! Beautiful images. Thanks for the inspirations.

  • You are right about the freshness of white and I love your gorgeous images. That dining table looks particularly divine!

    Best wishes and happy Thursday,

  • I love all white…That dining room looks so comfy! Can’t you just imagine the conversations around that table? LOVE it!

  • Hi,

    A lovely post – and my favourite shade – white. Is that why heaven is white?

    add a slash of the palest washed aqua and you’ve won me forever.

    Have a lovely day


  • Yep, that second photo is Sarah’s! Love your blog! 🙂

  • Ness…. white… I love it… deeply… passionately… forever!

    I’ve been away for 3 weeks and have missed visiting your little haven of prettiness! Your blog makes me so happy 🙂

    Angela x

  • That last setting is the stuff of dreams xx

  • divine, and the way things are put together is just purely gorgeous.
    lovely post

  • Thanks for all of the wonderful images. Love the black and white chairs! Great post.


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