Hi All!
As it has become lately, my blog has been a little unkempt and unloved by yours truly.
I do have a reason, not like “the dog ate it” or anything, just that I have been extremely busy getting prepped for two, that’s right TWO, virtually back-to-back Designer Markets.
I’m actually very well prepared at this stage.
Covers are made, just a few to be screen printed, stockings are done, jewelry finished, tags are almost done, even my Christmas display is done.
I have even stamped ALL of the bags!!!
Last time I was printing up to an hour before I left, had poor Mic sticking things in boxes, ready to pack and it was chaos…and that was for one!.
The mood is much more relaxed here right now. My Dear Dad is here with us, which has been wonderful and we are going on an outing for his 71st Birthday tomorrow even…no sewing!!
I did happen to stumble across this image taken by Rachael from Boutique Markets of my last Hobart stall and the delightful Jane from “Life On Planet Baby” perusing my goodies.
I can’t wait to get back there. Now I know what to expect, I am pumped for it
…and I must not forget plenty of water and my just-in-case Migraine pills this time.
We don’t want a repeat of the last one.
 Here are the details for the first of the two Markets I have coming up in Hobart, Tasmania.
If you happen to be in the area, why not stop by and say hi.
Best get back to my office, it looks like a fabric bomb has gone off in there!!!



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