A peep…

Today in The Sweat Shop was lovely.
The Summer sun was shining and even though it is Sunday, and I try not to work on weekends,
the boys were out happily playing while Mic was tending to the lawn.
So, I thought I would use this time to get some work done.
I thought you might like a peep…

Production is well under way. 
My first market is in early March.
I actually have three major design markets that month, so I have had to step up everything.
Loads and loads of tags have already been made, and these ones here are drying out, 
waiting for the next stage.
I often get asked about the process I go through to make the tags.
Well, there are about 7-9 processes from start to opening the ‘hot box’ and some of the stages I have developed myself, so you can imagine this is something I hold tight to my chest.
I can tell you, I am experimenting with new clays all the time and new products will come from this.
I love seeing what happens once you open the door to a load of new designs!

My desk has been busy…very.
in a nice way though.
I have been on the look out for new production pieces as well as making my own range of designs, which will be used on my clay, cushion and jewellery designs.
It is all very exciting really.  

Here is one of those new designs I have made from my old rose screen print
 pieces that I use on my cushion cover range.
I am using it on this years product cards…and I am really happy with how they turned out.
These will be making their first appearance at the first design market this year.

all images- Ness Lockyer
Finally, here is a peep at the new range of Inspire Luggage tags.
There is a feather and a wing in this range and they are stamped with positive
I really love these and they have just been listed in My Store.
So, there you have a it. A little ‘peep’ into my day. 



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  • Your new items are just lovely and it sounds like your day (although work) was a great day filled with creative energy.

    • Thank you. Even though it is work, it’s not…I love it so much.

  • Oh Sweetheart. All utterly gorgeous. I can’t wait until you’re down here for the next market – I have a wish list already! J x

    • Wait until you see my new Butterflies…I will save one for you. xx

  • Ness, I’m so glad to hear that your business is doing so well. You create the most loveliest things.


    • Thanks sweet Sissie…and I am so glad that you are getting a place of your own. It is looking good too.

  • Your feather tags are so dreamy ..wonderful…!
    I say the process is yours to treasure and uniquely keep private!
    Your last entry truly shows how diverse your artistic talents are and I appreciate you creative gift!

    • Oh thank you for understanding. I have been told never to let that go as it has taken sooooo long to suss it all out (my way of course) ;0)

  • They are looking amazing! Hope you have an awesome year ahead x

    • Thanks Flower…hope your year tops the last one. Wouldnt that be great for you?

  • You are very clever! I love the luggage tags, x

  • Hi! I came here to tell you that I loved everything I saw on your site! Congratulations! I’m designer in Brazil and find your site on “Cor e Glamour” blog. I also have a blog about “décor” (design) and if you want to visit me, it’s gone a be a pleasure!
    Kiss: Carol


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