Linen Bug….

Linens have always been a love of mine and I am always working on new ways to put together the vintage linens I find along with my own screen printed and hand blocked pieces.
lately though, I have been utterly consumed with clay.
To the point of actually not even thinking about my fabric pieces
…until today.
I sat this afternoon in the hot Summer Sun and mapped out what to do this year.
There is a plan. I will be working on a few designs and working them with vintage and new materials.
I have been sketching away over the past two or so years and finally feel I am ready to delve into those designs and put them onto new and vintage pieces…and have even started making the foundations for the prints.  

Marley & Lockyer
The year ahead is full of Design Markets, some are on the mainland and some here in Tassie.
I’m very excited about where Marley & Lockyer is heading and it is all thanks to you!
for your support, positive comments, helpful feedback and of course, for joining me on this journey.
I thank you all for that from the bottom my heart.
Now, off I go to check on some pieces in ‘the hot box’ which I will give you a look at soon.
….but for now…
the linen bug has hit! 



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  • Hi Ness,

    Don’t get me started with linen – LOVE THE STUFF!!!! I dream of wrapping myself and the whole house in it. Love everything about it, from the colour to the texture and how it just melts everything else together!

    I have to say I really love your bamboo blind in your lounge room, I think it gives the room a contrast and being natural flows with everything else in the room as well. Not that you asked for my opinion!!!

    Scheme away Ness, can’t wait to see your designs!


  • Can’t wait to see what you have created with LINEN! My favorite fabric!


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