Whimsical love…and drawings….

Today I am loving these whimsical pieces.
I have been keeping an eye out for something totally different in the lighting department for The Sweat Shop and have found not a lot to inspire me.
These I adore though!
The floaty white, gauzy fabric and a different shape to what is normally seen
…wonder if I could rig something up Ness-style?

I have just finished a calligraphy piece for my coming photo wall in a similar style.
My piece is about stars, but I really like this as I am usually creating in socks with a cup hot Chai tea
so, it is true!

now this, I am smitten by!
Just perfect.
I love the hints of raw edges, that natural raw-ness of the fabrics and the patterns they have chosen.
A long time ago I had plans for a cover similar, made from pieces given to me by my Grandmothers, Mics Grandmother, my Aunts, my Mum and Mics Mum.
Ness Lockyer
First things first…the photo wall!
I was recently digging through my ooooold art files and found some early work of mine that I think should go on this wall as a reminder of that basic love to create.
This is a hint of a series of drawings of myself and Mic, when we were just dating, inspired by photo booth pictures (you know the little series of instant prints?)

Ness Lockyer
This one was a very quick sketch I done of a Rose from a memory in my head of the detail a rose has.
Turned out ok!

Ness Lockyer
…and even though this was an unfinished piece, I LOVE this.
I have always loved to draw Renaissance images and this is one of Michelangelo’s works from the Sistine Chapel if I remember correctly.
….this has inspired to me to make some time to get this done.
Always loved the heavy drapery that he done.
This is proof that nothing I do is the “way”
No, maybe not…but it is “my way”
I hope to get this wall o’ mine done this weekend…hope it turns out!



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  • Hi Ness,

    I found your early drawings to be so beautiful and so inspiring but most of all a small window to see something personal of you.

    You are very talented and am glad you have embraced all of your talents.

    Good things are happening!

    Take care

  • Wow Ness, you are so talented. I hope you frame some of those beauties to keep the creative juices flowing.

  • Ness, your work is amazing!! Beautiful and I love your new blog look and photo. xo

  • So love your work…such a talent, and the lighting in the first image is amazing. You need to dream them up and sell them to me!!

  • Far too much talent to take in on one viewing , I will have to pop back again tomorrow 😉


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