Belfast Sink…

Hi there!
I have a little question, mainly at the Aussies amongst us
…does any one know where I could get a
Belfast Sink
…that isn’t Perrin & Rowe / The English Tapware Company, or one of those over priced places?
I can not believe how much they cost here, when in the U.S they are about $100-300.00!!
Why do we get charged thousands here?
Surely there must be a business that makes these for much less $$$ than they are right now.
I have wanted one forever and have made it my mission to get one
…some way, somehow.
I know Ikea done one (not as gorgeous as the one in the picture) that would have been great,
but every time I try and search it…nothing!
I thought some of the savy Designers out there might know of somewhere.
Maybe I need a huge kiln and make one myself ;0)



29 comments on “Belfast Sink…

  1. you probably know, but IKEA actually have a couple of these in their kitchen range! worth checking out
    Kate x

  2. I have looked at their catalogue Kate and cant find anything…maybe I should call them. Thanks for the info.
    Ness xx

  3. hi Ness – i have the ikea one (had it for a year and just love it. see my blog
    It’s cheap at around $400- but fantastic and great wearing. i’m still in love with it.
    cheers Fiona

  4. Sorry Ness I have no idea, but I am very interested in the suggestions others come up with. Good luck with your search.

  5. Hi – my friends have the Ikea one as well and they seem pretty happy with it.

    But I hope you dont mind, Id like to share with you my steal of the year….we too love befast sinks but thought we’d never own one because of the prices, but the other week we walked into a Reece store where, by fluke, the assistant mentioned belfast sinks. They had had a person order one in, a double sink made by Shaws of Darwen, that they no longer wanted. Reece wanted to ‘get it out of the warehouse’. It normally retails at $2347 but they offered it to us at $500!! What a steal! So obviously we said yes and the 80kg beauty is now waiting to be put into our new home… Sorry..but I just had to share – but I do I agree that in general they are way too expensive.

  6. Looks so great!!!

  7. Hi
    Recollections do one too but if you are after an original genuine oldie I have 2 for sale cast iron, porcelian coated Fowlerware from the early 1900`s; both in perfect condition, they just need a clean. They are heavy as; take 2 people to lift it and you have to reinforce the cupboard that youre placing it on. Im located in Sydney and they are $350 each.

  8. Try
    I am looking at the moment too. So frustrating that you can buy a Shaws butler sink for less than 300pound and here they are $1300!!

    • It is sad. Frustrating in fact, especially when our dollar is good, they never seem to adjust prices.
      If you have a look at the comment above from “Cottage Rose”, her 2 Fowlers sinks are for sale for $300!!! Hopefully you are in the Sydney area…wish I was.

  9. I was looking for the same thing but got distracted on ebay and purchased the most amazing rough cut quartz farm sink. I like the unusual though, but bay had some good deals

  10. Hi Ness,

    I looked at a belfast sink when we were doing our renovations. I didn’t go ahead with it as nobody could tell me whether or not they scratched (with the heavy-duty saucepans etc.,) or heaven forbid if I dropped something on it and cracked it. So after much soul searching I went for a stainless steel sink. (Hmmm nobody told me that they scratch soooo easily and do not polish up like the ones our parents have!).

    I have kept my information (same place I ordered our taps from, wonderful to deal with). Goulburn Valley Architectural products, 37 Abel Street, Golden Square, Vic 2396.
    phone (03)5444 1358
    fax (03)54442396
    I wish you the best of luck!

    To all our American friends, maybe us Aussie’s need to hire a plane, and fly over. We would be sobbing with tears of joy instead of crying uncontrollably into our hankies at paying a small amount of money for lights, sinks and fabrics (just to name a few!) instead of the inflated prices we are faced with here!!!!!!! Sigh

    I know you will share when you have it sorted Ness

    Have a wonderful Friday tomorrow.

    Take care

    • Sweet Janine. Thanks for the info. I wish they had a website!
      I have spotted a few which have made the short list and I have been getting Mic to look at them to see what he likes…now I just have to choose.
      Thanks luv xx

  11. Here in the states those are referred to as apron front sinks and they are not inexpensive! In fact I have been pricing them for over the past 15 years because every time we moved I really hoped to find one within our budget. Yes stainless steel ones can be purchased in the price range you quoted but if a person is looking for one that is ceramic you are looking at a minimum starting price of $700 (USD) which would be $838 (NZD) or $654 (AUD). I have to admit I am seriously considering the Ikea one myself because I just do not have over $1000 to put down on a kitchen sink. (oh the acrylic ones are less expensive but I am concerned with how well they will hold up!)

    Good luck in your pursuit for a lovely apron front sink!

    Take care now,
    Peggy currently residing in Indiana, USA (after living all over the states to include Alaska!)

    • There are a few names for them, Butler, Apron, Fireclay… I have always called them Belfast sinks though and have to adjust it depending on who I am talking with. Strange that they have so many names when they are basically the same thing.

      I would always say go the ceramic version over the stainless. The newer versions just dont hold there own like the original ones.
      Hope you get something!
      Ness xx

    • I am so excited to see what sink you end up getting. We’ve decided to forgo the new sink in this house but will definitely put one in when we remodel the old farmhouse. It currently sits vacant as the interior is a dismal mess as it still has the original horsehair plaster from the 1840’s and someone stole the copper water pipes. But we knew that when we bought it. The exterior is in wonderful condition (new windows, roof, siding, and door) and it is located on a nice size acreage with an old apple orchard and lots of woods. We are excited to start work there possibly this summer!

      Good luck with your sink search!

    • That sounds like a a wonderful project! I have found about 4 sinks that I am waiting on quotes and specs for and even a special sink I didnt plan for! I will let you all know what I find and the details as soon as the company gets back to me =0)
      Good luck with your renovations.
      Ness xx

  12. just organising to get mine from the uk…they will ship to Australia. it is costly but i am buying the tap too so basically the tap is free…if you compare what it would cost on Australia. I am going oerrin and rowe tap.

  13. Good luck with your hunt Ness. Janine was right, you do need to be careful washing pots & pans in a Belfast sink as the enamel is prone to chipping when banged around. Maybe you can do what lazy MOTH does when I’m away for work. Take the night’s cooking implements out to the back lawn & hose them clean – no joke, he was sprung by our neighbours.
    Millie xx

  14. We have many different high quality fireclay sinks available on our website.
    Be careful with some online sellers though – there are many selling sinks with no plugs and wastes :)

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