Beauty is everywhere…just not our bathroom!!!

Marley & Lockyer
Tomorrow marks the official beginning of the dreaded bathroom renovation.
Today while I was making up some shop orders,
I made this, in my Luggage Tag design,
mainly as a reminder
…for everything really…

..i’m struggling with it in here though!
This is what we found after peeling off the dreaded ‘Ranchboard’ in our bathroom.
Gorgeous, original wood boards, like in the rest of our house.
We knew they were under there, but didn’t know what condition they were in.
Great condition in fact!
…but a horrid colour

Here you can see the Ranchboard on the walls
…this is what lined the roof – why would you?
The colour of the ceiling in these shots doesn’t do it justice.
It’s grose..believe me!
Like a slate grey/aqua and metalic silver all floated into each other in little sections
here and there!
All of these boards have to be cleaned, filled, and then they will be
ready to paint.
This probably doesn’t sound like a big job in a bathroom right?
Our bathroom is 4.6 meters along one wall
(or 15.09 feet to be exact)
by about 3.8 meters along the ‘small’ wall.
That’s a lot of boards let me tell you.
I will keep you informed =0)



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  • What fabulous original boards! It’s going to be A-MAZING! Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks gorgeous…keep egging me on to get it finished won’t you?!
      Ness xx

  • What gorgeous boards! I had to laugh because our bedroom (the master bedroom) at 11 ft 9 inches x 13 ft (3.56m x 3.98m) is smaller than your bathroom. I can hardly wait to see the finished room as I know it is going to be simply stunning!

    • It is larger than our bedroom too! It is such an unusual size for a bathroom. It actually was outside in an outdoor toilet or ‘dunny’.
      We have made so much progress already…i cant wait!
      Ness xx

  • You and me both! I’m ripping my bathroom apart and hope (fingers crossed) to have the bulk of the job done by September… I’m watching you for inspiration!

    • Thanks Anne… and good luck with yours. It is such a big job, but totally rewarding too.

  • Im kinda totally diggin the ceiling board color!! What if you painted the wall boards white and spruced up the ceiling a little (but left it in its original color?) So cool 🙂

    Have fun finishing up….thats the hardest part!!


    • Trust me…the photos make the colour look fabulous compared to what it really is. The paint is in such bad shape, that it has to be sanded, primed and painted…but I totally see where you are coming from =0)
      Ness xx

  • If MOTH offers to help Ness say NO or it will take you 2 bloody years!! Painting all those boards could mean a very bad case of Painter’s Elbow, so be careful.
    Millie xx

    • …or painters neck! I’m too short even with the ladder!
      My Mic has been all gun ho and we got a lot done today already…and it is day 1…yay!
      MOTH was just making sure it was done properly I am sure ;0)
      Ness xx

  • Does an attractive or tasteful veneer exist, ever, from any era?? That is quite the bathroom you have there, i bet it will be one light filled pot of gorgeousness when you finish, love Posie

    • No, I dont think so. =0) I do hope that it fits your description Posie…fingers crossed. xx

  • Wood crush

    • there is plenty of that, let me tell you, wood I mean…not so much the crush right now. Soon I hope =0)
      Ness xx

  • Ness,

    Been thinking of you today and hoping you had a great day with your reno.

    Your bathroom sounds bigger than the average bathroom, lucky you. Just remember with anything like this you will get half way through and will probably wish you hadn’t started but the end result will be well worth it.

    Thanks for taking the time to share with us here in blogland. I’m sure things can get so hectic that it’d be easy just to have a blogbreak.

    Before I go the necklaces of yours that are at ecoco are stunning Ness. The quality is outstanding and you should be really proud. I bought one today for my eldest daughter. It was nice to see the rings and earrings that you make too. I really will have to get my act together and come to a market and see everything there.

    Don’t work too hard!!


    • Thanks sweet! It is huge that room…too big really. We are cracking along and hopefully dont get to that stage of ‘meh’. There is a little something, something egging us along too =0)

      Thank you so much for you kind words about my range Missy! I have been putting a little more time into that range lately, so am glad to hear your feedback. Isnt Ecoco an amazing shop! I would love to see you at a market one day soon luv.
      Ness xx

  • We want to do a bathroom renovation too. We painted, but still, not enough. Have fun with that ceiling…your poor neck. 😉

  • Oh I rather love that grey.. look forward to seeing how it comes along.. you never do things by half hey Ness? x

  • It will be quite an undertaking. But I can’t wait to watch the progress and I already know it will be wonderful! xo


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