Creating whimsy in Winter….

Winter for me is the perfect time to create.
The sense of home really sets in and nothing makes me happier than
being here in our 
‘Old Lady’
pottering about and pondering new ideas.
I have been very busy, more busy than usual since the release of this months
and it has me digging about in my design/sketch books for new things to make
…and these plates which are part of the 
I love this one, ‘be the one that matters’
I think that is perfect as a Mum, 
as we often forget about ourselves, selflessly attending to our dear Children and Husbands and homes,
(not that we complain and wouldn’t change it)
but seem to forget about ourselves….
and sometimes we need to remember this.

The new ‘Functional’ range very exciting for me-
food grade glaze on top of inspiring words
…have you cake and eat it to on something pretty!
So many of you have emailed me since the magazines release telling me that
after reading my story, you are now inspired to take your own creative journeys
I say….’start the journey’, you won’t regret it.

and even more exciting is that I now can add my own handwriting to the plates and bowls,
here it is ‘beauty is…everywhere’
and I couldn’t agree more.
Here it is white porcelain and a vintage doily imprint.

The ‘Luft Balloon’ Brooch- 
porcelain and whimsical
and now also……

the ‘Luft Balloon’ porcelain pendant necklace, glazed and glossy!
These Deer Antler brooches were earmarked for The recent
Apron Design Market I attended a few weeks back, 
and have now only released them.
Porcelain and hand moulded…no two are the same.

and here is a sneak of the 
Boutique Markets I have only just come home from that were in Hobart today.
The ‘Scrappy Jack” covers were a huge hit!
Thank you to all of you who came and told me about the magazine and said hi.
I love meeting you all and hearing your stories about finding Marley & Lockyer,
your connection with the products and even your own journeys.
I really appreciated you taking the time =0)



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