Markets and…..fires?!

Always up to something you know!
Last weekend, Mic, the boys and I travelled down to Ol’ Hobart town to show
Marley & Lockyer at the first ever 
Niche -All Wrapped Up Market.
It was a bounty of wonderful Designers, all housed under the stunning ceiling that is
Hobart’s City Hall.
The details in this old building were wonderful and I did get a quick chance to
snap a shot of it.

The day went really well and I had so many of you
come by and say hi and 
lots of people who have read the Country Style feature
about M&L and I, which was so nice.
I also had the debut of my new PayPal Here reader.
Which is basically an EFTPOS machine through PayPal and my iPhone.
It was amazing, but I will post more about that soon.

Over the next few days and nights I am gearing up for the next design market,
which I will be attending with my lovely Niece.
If you happen to be in Sydney, I would love to see you!

On another note, I had hoped to give the reveal of the workroom
…..but we had a little fire and the Fire Brigade had to be called!!
Nothing major, but we will need a new fire for the workroom =0(
They left a mess didn’t they?
But at least The Old Lady is still intact
and that is the most important part =0))
It is all cleaned up now and I will get that reveal done as soon
as I get back from Sydney.



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  • Awww – sorry to hear about the fire – we had a small one a couple of years back, just smouldering boards really, and I am honestly eternally grateful to the fire brigade – but the mess left afterwards – ooh la la!!!
    I love the quality of your pictures – so ethereal and dreamy. Really beautiful. Can’t wait for the grand work room reveal.
    Paula x

  • I’m so sorry I didn’t make it down there to see the market and say hello Ness. Your stall looks beautiful as always. Those card payment thingamies are such brilliant technology. Perfect for these situations.

  • Oh no. Bad news about the fire. Thankfully there was no major damage.
    How I would have loved to see your pieces in the flesh. I’ve had a look at your Etsy shop. I’ve kinda fallen in love with your birdie and owl brooches.

  • It was lovely to meet you on Saturday Ness and take home some of your goodies! I had to go for a walk to an eftopos machine. I love my owl brooch and my gift tags which will go on some special gifts at Christmas time. Carolyn

  • Loving these shots of the City Hall, Ness. Is that done with Instagram? I’m clueless. It was fabulous to see you. Best of luck backing up this weekend – I hope you can slow down now! J x

  • Hi Ness, I only picked up a copy of Country Style during the holidays – absolutely gorgeous article about you and your home in there. Mel xx


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