Soulful Sunday…

Sunday’s are soulful aren’t they?
For us they are usually quiet days with not too much on.
These days are the only time I seem to get things done.
Today, it was glazing day.

As the weather has been very poor of late, 
we Lockyer’s have been huddled up inside beside the fire.
Our little Boy, Declan has come down with a cold, so it has been a day
of movies, lots of snuggles and rest while the wind howled outside and the rain
hammered on the glass. Even though he is unwell, it was lovely to all be snuggled on the sofa,
under a blanket watching movies and being together.

The Old Lady, our home, has been a lovely warm cocoon for us this weekend and has been 
filled with the scent of menthol, Eucalyptus and Peppermint to help relieve stuffed noses.

I did get to finish some wrapping while the boys watched a movie with Mic and 
included on each package a little ceramic star. They are so sweet.
Not a lot was done, but a lot was achieved…quietly.
Sometimes we need days like this here,
just quiet soulful ones.
Hope you had a lovely weekend too.
(all these images are from my Instagram page.
 My username is marleyandlockyer if you happen to be on there, come and say hi)



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