A Designing Weekend…

This weekend I have been in full design mode.

Sitting in the studio (seen here), working on some new designs for Marley & Lockyer, including some new stamps, imprints, cutters, molds etc. I find this process exciting, coming up with new sketches which turn into pieces that people will enjoy.

Having this new studio to work in has made the process even better…everything has a place.

Also, while I was in there I decided to bring back this necklace

-The Wing & The Key-

I have been selling these to stores and at Markets for a while, but finally will be selling them through the Etsy store. Orders are coming in thick and fast for these and I have managed to keep one for myself…finally.

Over the next few day I will be listing some more new pieces, and making some more new pieces from this weekends designs.

Hope your weekend has been enjoyable and for the Australian readers, that daylight savings hasn’t mucked you up too much!

Ness xx



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