How Do You Celebrate The Holidays?….

The Divine Wing Plate

Can you believe it is 8 weeks and 5 days until Christmas? I know, scary right? Where has this year gone? My little boys have suddenly gone from my little babies to 8 and a half and 6 and a half in that time too!

Of course my thoughts have been fixated on Christmas as I have been making stock for Marley & Lockyer since March this year, but it still never really feels like anything until about July, when I really start to step it up. This year though, we have had a lot going on…bathroom renovations, moving/renovating the new studio, our first holiday in 9 years, Mics accident…a lot going on.

Thoughts for me have turned to what sort of Christmas we will have this year. We won’t have as many at our house this year as some of the Family won’t be here, so I am thinking a more casual soiree will be in order.

Graffiti…Marley & Lockyer style on a recent order

In my mind I am picturing, a simple baked dinner, a sumptuous desert, home made Irish Cream, crooners singing carols, lots of white fairy lights, candles, fresh pine boughs and glints of silver and zinc. Buckets of white Hydrangeas, backyard Cricket under the Sycamore tree and loads of Family chatter and laughter.

This year needs to be simple…and beautiful. After the year we have had, it is what we all need.

Do you have any traditions planned, or do you just wing it each year? I would love to hear =0)

Ness xx



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